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"And now we’re supposed to go back to our normal lives. That’s what people do. They have these amazing experiences with another person, and then they just go home and clean the bathroom or whatever."

- When It Happens (Susane Colasanti)

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"Don’t hang out witht the half lovers, and don’t befriend the half friends, don’t read the half talented, don’t live half a life and don’t die half a death.
Don’t chose half a solution, and don’t stand in the half of a solution.
Don’t dream half a dream, and don’t get attached to half a hope.
So silence, silence till the end, and if you speak, speak till the end.
Don’t be shut up to speak and don’t speak to shut up.
If you’re satisfied express your satisfaction, don’t fake half the satisfaction.
And if you refuse, express your refusal, because half the refusal is acceptance.
Half the drink won’t satisfy your thirst, and half a meal won’t satisfy your hunger.
Half a road won’t get you anywhere, and half an idea won’t give you a result.
The half is your inability moment, and you’re not unable, because you’re not half a human, you’re a human, you’re here to live life, not to live half a life."

- Gibran Khalil Gibran (via nizariat)

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"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."

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"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul."

- Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter (via clumsiest)

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"At 6 she wanted to be a ballerina.
At 8 she wanted to be a veterinarian.
At 10 she wanted to be a teacher.
At 13 she wanted to be pretty.
At 16 she wanted to be dead.
At 18 she graduates high school.
At 20 she studies for her final.
At 22 she gets her diploma.
At 24 she finds her career.
At 26 she whispers “I do.”
At 28 she holds her new born child.
At 30 she wipes her tears and says - “I made it.”"

- read on and never forget (via g-luecksmomente)

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"Und der Mut ist so müde geworden
und die Sehnsucht so groß."

- Rainer Maria Rilke (via poetisch)

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